As I pondered over this topic, WRAPPED UP IN MY OWN WORLD, the image being displayed was perfect. The lady’s head and face are wrapped in seaweed, but focus on another area…the eyes. If you’re WRAPPED UP IN YOUR OWN WORLD, your vision is singular.

Take note, the ears are covered, and some form of hearing may occur; but when the vision is limited so is true listening and understanding.

Relationships are built to for us to pay attention to the needs and wants of our loved ones. You should always be looking for ways to show them how special they are to you. When it’s all about one person(singular-one directional), the core and foundation of the relationship or marriage are compromised.

I’m guilty of being WRAPPED IN MY OWN WORLD and it has caused major problems in my marriage. I was more concerned with making money and being what society deems as successful, rather than creating memories with my wife.

If you want to save your love life, peel off the layers, examine your priorities, remove any distractions and show your loved ones that their WORLD is just as important, if not more, than yours.

WRAP YOURSELVES in each other’s WORLD and you will see the fruit of your labor.

Stay tune my friends, TUESDAY’S TIP is soaring to new heights. Next week we will discuss taming your thoughts….

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