I heard the title “CONTINUE TO BREATHE” in a song recently, and the lyrics are speaking to the value of African-American males lives. For this post, I want to relate it to relationships.

In the midst of a struggling relationship or marriage, when everything looks dark and gloomy, you must CONTINUE TO BREATHE. I’m not talking about BREATHING literally, although that is smart; I’m speaking to you about looking within and seeing even the smallest glimpse of light.

When you are damaged emotionally and psychologically, it’s just a bad as if it were physically. Your thoughts can run wild and take you on a roller coaster that seems to never end. This is the time when BREATHING is vital for your overall health.

Relationally, at this moment, I’m in the fight for my life. Yes, I’m very fragile because when love and destiny are in the balance, quitting isn’t an option. So no matter what it looks like, I urge you to please CONTINUE TO BREATHE. You can not only survive but win at this game called life.

Love you guys, stay tune for next week, it gets better….

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