This week, I would like to tackle a really hard issue that still continues to be taboo in many of our communities. We were created to be connected to each other via relationships.

Unfortunately, many of us did not have the privilege of witnessing healthy, loving relationships and marriages growing up; and therefore, now as adults, it is required that we must and GET HELP from an outside source.

With that, let’s debunk a common myth…counseling is NOT for crazy people. Individuals that continue in the cycle of entertaining bad and toxic relationships can be labeled insane because they expect different results when performing the same behaviors. Reading books and attending seminars are great, but nothing can beat some good ole’ fashion WISE counsel.

I not only believe in others GETTING HELP, but I have and experienced it for myself. No one person has all the answers when it comes to love. It’s an ever-evolving action and emotion, but it has to be pure and genuine.

Before ending a relationship that could be destined for greatness, do a self reality check. Ask the hard question: “How much do you value him/her in your life?”. The very HELP that you shun away and mis-label could be your life-line.

Get over the embarrassment, shame and pride. These factors are relationship killers. You and your significant person together GET the HELP that you both need. So that as two are joined together as one, physically, spiritually, and naturally, the opportunity to be a blessing to someone else can present itself.

Thank you for reading and allowing me to share my heart.

Next week, we will discuss selfishness. Love you guys….

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