The dawn of a New Year is upon us and beginning a FRESH START could be the very thing we need in our relationships and marriages.

This is the best time to rejuvenate, re-energize, and renew your most valuable asset, which are the people you love. One of the meanings to the word FRESH is not previously known nor used. Therefore, do something that you haven’t done to display your love to him or her. The word START means to cause (an event or process) to happen. So create new traditions, goals and romantic habits.

The key to continued success in a FRESH START is that both parties must be committed and All-In. There’s something about consistency and diligence that breeds stability in relationships.

So take 2017 by storm and be the example. Trust me, your love ones will appreciate the effort.

It’s an honor to share my heart with you. Next week, we will tackle a hard issue, stay tune….

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