Last week we talked about refreshing your relationship or marriage, so today I want to follow up with tangible actions. There are many ways to display and show your love so you can yield great results.

This week I want to share ways to spice things up, which is to POUR LOVE into their hearts. As human beings, we were created to give and receive love, so even when life has thrown you a curve ball, when someone POURS LOVE into you, it will chip away at any walls or fears.

To start the POURING, do the little things that usually are looked over. Leave a small note of gratitude, show a little public affection, listen intently, or purchase something they have been wanting for awhile.

Let me give you a little wisdom, it’s better to give than receive. There’s a law called seed time and harvest so when you POUR LOVE, it will return, it’s a fact. 

Share with us how you intend to POUR LOVE so we can be a blessing to everyone.

Also stay tune, TUESDAY’S TIP is evolving so get ready….

Love you guys, see you next week….

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