I know you’re thinking what do these acronyms mean. I will tell you about them, but they refer to characteristics of both men and women. In order for us to relate better , we must understand each other.
After a recent conversation with some of my colleagues, we discovered that men are PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL, and EMOTIONAL. Women tend to be more EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, and PHYSICAL, in this order. Men are visual creatures, and we tend to like what we see even before knowing anything about the woman. Women are EMOTIONAL and more sensitive to their feelings vs their visual senses.

The disconnect happens when men correlate a woman’s simple act of intimacy with being PHYSICAL. A touch on the shoulder, holding hands or a kiss doesn’t mean it’s time for sex. Creating a bond is more than just a PHYSICAL act, and being SPIRITUALLY and EMOTIONALLY intertwined can lead to new heights of ecstasy in a relationship. 

For women, SPIRITUALITY is a high priority because it gives them a special connection with their Creator. Therefore, when a man shows that he’s in tune with his religious beliefs, she can become vulnerable EMOTIONALLY. For men, being PHYSICAL is important and if a woman enjoys giving him affection, he can connect with her SPIRITUALLY and EMOTIONALLY. In order to achieve a win-win relationship, both parties must be open and honest.

So whether you’re already married, or in a relationship, use this tip and discover more about each other so you can relate, communicate, and grow into a long-lasting love affair.

Love you guys, see you next week….

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