We are in the midst of some of the greatest sports times of the year and KEEPING SCORE is a focal point. In terms of your relationships, KEEPING SCORE should be the furthest thing from your heart.

When you think about sharing your life with someone, coming to terms with the good and bad is part of the process. No one is immune from making mistakes, but having someone throw them back in your face will only cause hurt and resentment. There will be plenty of time throughout the relationship to have those tough conversations and bring up topics, occasions, and things that have happened for purposes of understanding and clarity; but we shouldn’t use those times to KEEP SCORE and harm each other on purpose.

Part of the reason this blog was birthed was to allow me the chance to encourage others by sharing some of my personal experiences, even if that meant my being transparent and vulnerable to my readers.

Upon relocating to Texas, although I wanted to leave Tennessee, there were times in the midst of heated conversations with my wife, I would KEEP SCORE and blame her for things not going perfectly for me in this new city. My inability to control my emotions during those times caused a lot of unnecessary tension between us. Thankfully, we both grew and matured, and I no longer have to KEEP SCORE. We talk and share our concerns in love. 

In sports, games are played to see who SCORES the most, but love is for adults and KEEPING SCORE is childish behavior. The goal is to give your heart totally: share life’s ups and down, and discover each other for one common goal-love unconditionally. In the end, SCORES are tied, and you both WIN!

Love you guys, see you next week…..


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