This week we want to discuss ways to make it right even when you feel justified in your stance. Sometimes it can be hard to humble yourself and APOLOGIZE to a love one.

A genuine APOLOGY will cause those involved to think, ponder and realize what’s important about the relationship. If you’re the person who has done something wrong, be the first to open your heart and mouth to display grace. I’m a living witness that APOLOGIZING starts the journey of personal healing. 

Usually, in my marriage, I’m the first one to say, “I’m sorry”. The reason is because I don’t want my wife’s thoughts and imagination to cause her to wonder if I truly care about her feelings. Also, whenever there’s tension between us because of unresolved issues, life isn’t fun. Our conversations become short, and we’re not on one accord nor relating.

I’ve never understood how couples can go for days without speaking, engaging, and enjoying each other. We as loving beings are not built for drama; so, even if I’m not at fault, AN APOLOGY, isn’t far from my lips.

There are 5 LANGUAGES OF AN APOLOGY: Expressing Regret, Accepting Responsibility, Making Restitution, Genuinely Repenting, and Requesting Forgiveness 

Your assignment-look up each one so you can understand and it will help you to decipher which LANGUAGE is appropriate for the diverse situations you encounter. 

As you continue to grow in your relationships, don’t allow pride to keep you from APOLOGIZING. 

Love you guys, see your next week….

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