On the aftermath of the recent Presidential debate, politics and love can be a sensitive topic to NAVIGATE. 

With the country already in a divided state, it can be tricky when a couple has opposite POLITICAL VIEWS. Like any other issue, in a relationship, the goal is to listen, verbalize what you’ve heard, and display understanding even when you don’t agree.

Here’s a powerful tip; it’s ok to agree to disagree, but the challenge is to do it without causing tension or division. Many of us are raised with influences from family, friends and colleagues so you have to know that your relationship is stronger than an opinion.

In my marriage, my wife and I don’t always agree but it breeds healthy communication. We take these moments to look at both perspectives without judgment. 

Show empathy towards each other and even if you vote differently, love each other unconditionally. Let your love reign over any biases, opinions, views or traditional beliefs.

Love you guys, see you next week….


  1. Hey D, I am taking a conflict resolution counseling class. A good book that explains what you are writing about is called , The Joy of Conflict Resolution: by Gary Harper. It transforms conflict into collaboration.



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