Last week, we talked about telling that special person Why You Love Them. Well now, I want to share ways on how to keep them.

One of the secrets to long-term success in your marriage is to continue DATING. Take a journey down memory lane and remember how going out on a DATE was fun and full of discovery.

Ideas like outdoor picnics, walks in the park while holding hands, romantic dinners, sharing favorite snacks or working on a DIY project are great starting points.

These types of acts of affection do not take a lot of effort, but they do take time. When your spouse sees that you’ve thought enough of him or her to plan a DATE, you will automatically earn love deposits.

Be creative, silly, flirty and think outside the box for DATING ideas. It will bring lasting joy to you both.

Share your DATING TIPS with us.

Love you guys, see you next week….

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