Yes I said it, WAR, and I DE-CLARE it with high intensity. I know this may sound strange for a blog dedicated to relationships and marriages, but I believe it’s perfect. When it comes to fighting and believing in your relationship or marriage, do you have the fortitude?

There will be attacks dealing with trust, finances, parenting, in-laws, children, careers, and infidelity. Tough conversations, disagreements, and even hurtful actions can cause you to feel like you’re walking the plank. There are many options you can choose; walking away, sweeping it under the rug or you can stand boldly say “I DE-CLARE WAR”. 

How important is this person, the history created and is it worth the fight?

It’s easy to enjoy the good times, but the difficult moments will show what you have on the inside. Like any other couple, we’ve had to fight and take a stand even when our pride had been poked and our hearts were heavy. We’ve seen couples give up and move on and that’s ok because we all have choices. Make sure that you have put all the cards on the table.

In WAR, nothing is off the books. Strip off all mask, ego, pride, and feelings, because this is for the strong at heart. You may have to block out chatter from family, friends, and coworkers so you can have clarity of thought. Create a strategy and execute it with a determined force of LOVE.

WAR isn’t pretty, but if you can survive, there’s always a time of peace on the other side.

How far will you go for your relationship or marriage? What are you prepared to do?

Love you guys, see you next week….

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