If you’re a fan of Tom Cruise, the title of this week’s tip is slightly different but just as effective. In MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, Cruise along with his team, against all odds, always accomplished their MISSION.

In the series, the team has been assigned a difficult task to accomplish, and without coming together and using all their resources, the MISSION would be compromised. If you’re married or desire to be married, you can use the same principles to develop a HAPPY MARRIAGE.

One of the most important aspects of having a fulfilled, HAPPY MARRIAGE is recognizing each other’s strengths and knowing how to maximize both to reach the common goal-Mission Completed Successfully.

In our marriage, my wife and I noticed how one of us is strong in organization and the other in creativity. It’s a learning process but we are growing to be the best as a couple. One of our goals is to be great examples to couples and singles by being a little transparent about the things we did right and wrong.

Remember in a relationship, you’re combining two different backgrounds, ideologies, parental influences, financial literacy and sometimes religious beliefs. It may look IMPOSSIBLE, but we are living proof that you can achieve a joyful, HAPPY MARRIAGE.

Be ready to publicly say to others: MISSION POSSIBLE!!!!

Please be open and share some of your secrets to success.

Love you guys see you next week….

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