Have you ever taken an inventory of WHY YOU LOVE, that special person? Oh my, this can take us down a journey that will spark new emotions, discoveries and things to learn.

Although I’m using it as a tip, it’s a question that can be answered in your private time, while looking in their eyes, or driving down the block. In the beginning you could rattle off answers without a blink, can you do the same thing now?

The LOVE you experienced in the beginning hasn’t gone away, but it may need a fresh awakening. There are times when I take a glimpse at my wife while she sleeps and in that moment I’m reminded of WHY I LOVE her. I can’t explain it but I know my LOVE for her explodes in my heart.

Life can disappear like a vapor of smoke so don’t waste time arguing and fighting. Tell him or her WHY YOU LOVE them.

So all this week, don’t over think it, reach deep in your heart and soul and without reservation or boundaries express your LOVE. Make a mark in their lives that can never be erased.

Love you guys, see you next week….

Hint for next week: Dating Tips

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