This week I want to speak to you about LEARNING something new about your mate.  People grow and evolve over time and we may think that we know everything about them, but it’s simply not the case. This can be a fun discovery because it gives you a chance to learn and grow yourself. No matter how small or large, what you learn can shift the foundation of your relationship to greater levels. 

To LEARN means to gain or acquire knowledge by study, experience, or being taught. In studying (not stalking) someone, look for the nuisances that make them unique. You will begin to see the attributes that attracted you to them in the beginning. 

By nature I’m a curious person so I aim to focus on something that stands out about my wife. If we are around people we have just met, she holds my hand and rubs them vigorously. I know it’s her signal of being nervous but my presence is her comfort zone. During a time of relaxation, she twiddles her thumbs. To me it’s cute and I appreciate that about her.

The more you spend time with someone, you can LEARN so much about them and share extraordinary moments as you grow in love. 

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