Normally when we speak on the subject of sight, we automatically thinks about our eyes. Well in this post, I want to discuss SEEING CLEARLY with the inner eyes, your heart. The heart can be the most vulnerable part of a person when it comes to loving someone. What I share today will be a stepping stone to a healthier, long-term lifestyle of love.

Being attracted to someone can stir up many feelings and sometimes we don’t know how to manage them. We overlook the idiosyncrasies, habits and things that can be nagging because our inner eyes are filled with excitement. Discovering love and maintaining it is a journey, so open the eyes of your heart or you will crash before the race begins. I’m not advocating that you start any trouble or arguments, but don’t be afraid to rock the boat so you can SEE their true personality. You don’t have to agree with everything, but always be honest and have a voice in your relationship or marriage. 

Challenge their ideologies, beliefs and values and you will SEE all you need to know. If your heart isn’t SEEING CLEARLY due to being blinded by feelings, your natural eyes should help you navigate. Remember this, the heart will never lie, but it can be influenced if we aren’t focused on the important things that make us all unique.

Being naive isn’t an option, therefore I ask you, CAN YOU SEE CLEARLY????

Love you guys, see you next week….

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