Yes I said it and I’m unapologetically declaring it to you. There’s no PERFECT person or relationship, so why are we still  seeking this fantasy to satisfy our physical, emotional, intimate and spiritual needs?

If someone seems too PERFECT, there’s always some hidden, dark areas in their lives. PERFECTION puts a person on a pedestal and we clothed them with unrealistic expectations. I prefer to seek EXCELLENCE because it can birth authenticity. 

I read a quote that stated, “love my PERFECT imperfections”, and it ripped off the gloss that covered my eyes and it was clear to me. It was saying, love me for who I am. EXCELLENCE tells me that this person not only knows their worth, but they value me as well.

EXCELLENCE is a standard that rises above the average and it can propel you to greatness. Look for this characteristic instead of PERFECTION in someone and you are on the path to building a solid foundation. 

Love you guys, see you next week….

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