This title is very intriguing because it could be about many different things. SOUL ON FIRE is about connecting with someone that lights you up from the inside-out. Not only is there a physical attraction, but the intellectual stimulation is nothing short of amazing.

Usually when you meet someone for the first time, you will know if they can keep your attention or not. The conversation is great, the eye contact is continual and you want to learn more about them daily. The anticipation to see them stirs up in your belly and the time between phone calls are exhausting. The very thought of them makes you smile, which can be socially awkward at times. You can’t control your SOUL because they consume your curiosity.

Finding someone that sets your SOUL ON FIRE can be a challenge because you have to spend quality time with them to see if it will last. Engaging in true love isn’t a sprint, it’s a journey. Just because you’re engulfed in great conversation doesn’t mean that you’ve located your SOUL mate. We can’t answer that for you, that’s a personal decision.

Whatever your relationship status is currently, take a personal inventory of how they keep you coming back for more. You hold the match and the person that sparks your SOUL will light it up.

Love you guys, see you next week….

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