Normally, when talking about relationships, I share TIPS or suggestions about becoming one and how to build a foundation of togetherness. Well this time, on the heels of our great nation celebrating INDEPENDENCE day, I want to discuss what BREEDS ATTRACTION.

People are ATTRACTED to individuals who already display a level of INDEPENDENCE, or in other words, have a life. Yes, as you continue to grow in your relationship, you build oneness, but you also want someone that has a life that you can connect with and not have to create.

If you enter into a relationship or marriage with someone where you become his or her entire life, this a red flag and a recipe for failure. This can be hard to notice in the beginning, but if he or she doesn’t have any activities, hobbies or friends as outlets, the person can smother and damage the relationship.

There’s something ATTRACTIVE about seeing someone with a healthy self-esteem, enjoying a life that makes others want to be apart of it.

When my wife and I met, we had very fulfilling lifestyles. One thing I noticed was her love for the Dallas Cowboys and other sports. I would see her traveling to games and cheering like she really knew the game. I was very ATTRACTED to that aspect of her life. At the same time, I was enjoying my life traveling, spending time with my family and expanding my mind in social book clubs.

Like the title states, INDEPENDENCE BREEDS ATTRACTION. Therefore, if you’re single, live you life to the full. Find out who you are and what you enjoy, and that special person will find you. If you’re married, keep a level of INDEPENDENCE and the flame that you experienced in the beginning will continue to burn.

Love you guys, see you next week….

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