It’s been scientifically proven that it takes about 21-days to break or create a habit.

I recently committed to starting a new habit, and I am on day 36. I have begun writing daily what I am thankful for to enhance my personal growth, and it is really changing my attitude. Being more thankful has even spilled over into my marriage.

But when it comes to FIXING BAD HABITS, especially those related to relationships, one must have a strong determination to break old cycles and begin anew. After settling into marriage, life (rearing kids, managing the budget, etc.) begins to happen. When these realities of life set in, they can become overwhelming; and what sparked the flame of love in the beginning can become a vapor of smoke.

In relationships, we can self-sabotage by allowing past BAD HABITS to creep in making one party take a step back from giving their all. The very person that has been gifted to us can walk away because of BAD HABITS that we can’t seem to break away from. Now is the time to break out the tools to FIX THE BAD RELATIONSHIP HABITS.

Here’s my suggestion, when you start to recognize the BAD HABITS; immediately take responsibility, open up the dialogue, explain and navigate the behaviors, and come into agreement to be proactive. Most importantly, don’t be ashamed. We all have some type of baggage from previous RELATIONSHIPS, but don’t allow it to damage your present one.

Here’s my challenge to you. Take the next 21 days and do something nice for your loved one, no matter how big or small. Don’t allow lack of money or time to be an excuse. Write a small note, kiss them on the forehead, hold their hand. I just gave you some ideas to start…now go execute.

You will find as you adopt new HABITS, the bad ones will diminish.

Love you guys, see you next week….

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