This tip is pertaining to whatever relationship status you’re currently investing your time, heart, energy, money, soul and body. If you take the time to read what I’m about to share and incorporate some of the practical principles, your love one should not doubt who comes first in the relationship.

Many times we see more value in other people outside of our inner circle which could potentially cause friction in our relationships. Take a moment and think back. Does the way you speak and interact with your boss, clergy or someone in authority differ from that of those you claim to love dearly and hold in high esteem?

How often do we consider the number of hours put in at work? Church? Social Organizations? Only the individual can answer these, but while answering has it been determined that your love ones only get whatever time is leftover. There’s a proper balance to everything, and sometimes we forget who to MINISTER to FIRST. I understand when a person starts a new endeavor and he or she wants to give one hundred percent, but does it go too far when it never levels off?

In my personal experiences, I’ve witnessed people give their all for others outside of the home, but then come home expecting to be SERVED. This type of behavior and mindset can rip families and relationships apart. Everyone enjoys being a priority, but when you feel slighted by outside influences, resentment can arise.

Your first RESPONSIBILITY and MINISTRY stares you in the face when you walk through the front of doors of your home. Give the people you love, the first fruit of your time, energy, money and soul.

Your love ones will remember all of your efforts, and you will see the harvest of SERVICE.

Love you guys, see you next week….

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