This week, I want to discuss a simple but important topic- the concept of being THANKFUL. When it comes to relationships, being able to relate to one another by being courteous and appreciative goes a long way. A simple ‘THANK YOU’ can soften a persons’ heart in a manner of seconds, and granted there are certain unspoken expectations that go along with a committed relationship, but we must never take those things for granted.

Growing up, my parents taught me about etiquette; and instilled in me such things as being polite and gentle, especially to a woman. For example, the acts of opening the car door, pulling out a chair or giving compliments. Every time I extended these courtesies, the gesture was welcome with a simple but powerful ‘THANK YOU’, and it made me feel appreciated.

A THANK YOU can be expressed in different ways-a simple handwritten card, a thoughtful gift, a romantic dinner, or just the words, ‘THANK YOU’. If you want to bring vitality back into your relationships; the key is simple, just be genuine and be a blessing to others. Showing kindness isn’t hard, especially when you love someone.

I challenge everyone this week to say, ‘THANK YOU’, more often and watch the results bring joy to your heart. 

Love you guys, see you next week….

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