Recently a movie was released entitled: Me Before You, but I want to discuss YOU BEFORE ME. I transposed the title because putting someone else’s needs before yours is the path to fulfillment. Lately, socihas taught us to be totally engulfed in ourselves. Just take a look at an social media platform, and it’s filled with selfies. I’m not hating, but we must be open to being a servant versus being consumed with the It’s all about ME syndrome.

The concept of relationship was created to allow individuals that are forming a bond to exchange weaknesses for strengths, and during the journey, serving each other out of love and sincere gratitude. This sometimes means putting our personal careers, dreams and passions on hold. It takes a courageous and humble person to defer to someone else’s needs before their own on a consistent basis. Some may look at it as a sign of weakness, but that’s the furthest from the truth. 

To give more than to receive is truly a spiritual principle that has proven it’s worth over and over again. If you whole heartedly operate the ‘YOU BEFORE ME’ spirit, prepare to reap an awesome harvest.

It takes time to renew the mind when processing this type of lifestyle, but it can be done if you value your relationship. Let YOU BEFORE ME settle in your heart, and the reward will bring joy to your life! 

HINT: Acts 20:35

Love you guys, see you next week….

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