Do you believe in Love???? This is not a trick question so I want you to seriously ponder over this. Don’t over think it, but be extremely transparent and honest with yourself.

Hollywood has glamorized Love to the point that we all have fleeting fantasies about it. The look of Love at first sight, being madly in Love after one date, the ever-evolving Love when you realize that you can’t live without this person. We’ve all experienced that first Love of our lives, it was coined “puppy love”, pun intended. Sometimes it was called infatuation, as well; but we knew it was a feeling that we didn’t want to lose.

Love can be great, awesome, giddy, scary, confusing and outright hurtful if we don’t treat it with respect and have a balanced perspective. For me, I’m a hopeful romantic and I believe in the power and force of Love. My attennas are at attention, always searching for ways to let Love be creative, silly, fun and exciting. 

Don’t confuse it with lust or like because they are only breadcrumbs to the table of Love. Like French doors, Love can light up the darkest places in your heart and soul if exercised properly. To experience Golden Love is cool, but to live a life of Love with freedom is Platinum. 

I’m looking for ways to expand my Love tank so I can pour it out with such vulnerability, energy and decisiveness that it influences others to join me in the journey…..

Love you guys, see you next week…. 

4 thoughts on “TUESDAY’S TIP: QUESTION????

  1. Hi Derrick
    I hope you and Barbara made it home safely, it was a pleasure to meet you both I enjoyed reading your blog ,
    Love is a many splendored thing !!


    1. Hey Sarah,

      Thank you reading my blog. It was a pleasure meeting you guys. I enjoyed all our conversations, it was awesome.


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