As I begin to write about this topic, I wasn’t sure if it would challenge your thinking, but I was wrong. Whether you’re getting to know someone, dating or married, picking your battles will be a life lesson to keep for years to come.

Recently a good friend that I haven’t heard from in years reached out to me and asked me about the “married life”. I told him that it’s good and we have our days like any other couple. I didn’t want to give him a surface or religious answer because people relate to authenticity. You will encounter difficult conversations, hurtful actions and reactions with your love one(s), therefore we must be wise in choosing when to address an issue and when to let it go. 

For example, there are times when I want to bring up a subject to my wife, but I have to be sensitive to her feelings. I don’t want her to think she’s always doing something that bothers me so I PICK MY BATTLES wisely. Some of the facial expressions that she gives tells me often that she’s PICKING HER BATTLES. There will be times when you need to put a conversation on the shelf to be revisited later. Everyone has a sensitive spot because we are emotional beings. Have you ever thought about the total investment you give in a relationship? You share your heart, body, soul, time, emotions and money. No one is perfect so gone your love one a break sometimes.

One way to combat wanting to talk about everything is by not sweating the small stuff. I know the little things can turn into big things so take some time and PICK YOUR BATTLES before you release what’s been nagging you. I’m not telling you to avoid confrontation, but PICK the issues that can resolved quickly, then later on move to the more difficult BATTLES. 

Love you guys, see you next week….

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