I’m not Kanye West, but I want to create a muse that will stick with you forever.

Many women want to connect with a man that has vision and plans for a successful future. Men, setting GOALS is the starting point to giving that special someone the security that she yearns for in a relationship. A woman wants to know that she fits into your world, and can be a help meet.

Being a GOAL DIGGER gives your relationship guidance and direction to reach targets…a target that can be aimed at together.

Normally, when we hear about goals, the words discipline and routine come to mind. Those things are key ingredients, but I want to add words like fun, one accord, reward and accomplishment to the game. Couples can reward each other by eating at a nice restaurant, buying a small “just because” gift, or just an “I Love You” on a handwritten note. As you continue to reach your GOALS together, the excitement will build and before long, the joy of accomplishment will overtake the atmosphere.

For example, since finances seem to be a source of stress and tension in most relationships, set a GOAL to gain financial freedom by paying off debt. Start first by paying off the bill with the smallest balance, and then congratulate yourself for the accomplishment. Yes, it’s O.K. to reward yourself and make a big deal about the milestone achievement.

You’re now creating an expectation where setting GOALS is fun and not a chore. As you continue down this path, begin to incorporate your spouse into helping you achieve even bigger GOALS. Now both of you have stake in the game, and you will begin to see a change in both your mindsets. With a change of mind, both of you will start to reach GOALS that you thought were unattainable.

I didn’t know how to be a GOAL DIGGER until later in life, but now I practice it daily. It takes determination and hard work. Knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel allows me to focus on setting more GOALS that produces an end result of letting me spend more quality time with the people I love.

So join me in reversing the negative trend of being a “GOLD” DIGGER, and let’s all become GOAL DIGGERS.

Love you guys, see you next week…

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