The bravest and coolest thing a couple can do is recognize that life can be short, therefore, we should make a concentrated effort to STAY IN THE MOMENT. To be alive is a precious commodity and many times we get bogged down with the routine of life. MOMENTS are created when we allow life to happen and we embrace it instantaneously.

As a blogger and photographer, I’m always searching for MOMENTS that will tell the world my story. You should be doing the same in your relationships. Trying to maintain balance in your life is a job within itself and if we don’t take time to, “smell the roses”, as they say, we can miss out on what matters the most (PEOPLE).

For example, this past weekend as I was running and walking in my neighborhood with my wife, I took time to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. I was taken away with how the sun bounces off the green grass, how the soil of the earth prepares for a harvest and how the rainbow appears after it rains. Once these MOMENTS are gone, we don’t get them back. So make sure you share life with your love ones every day.

I’ve made it my personal responsibility to start celebrating some of the small holidays. I have an awesome idea for St. Patrick’s Day next year and with Memorial Day approaching, I’m cooking up something good. We were given life to live to the full and I intend on doing it with these ingredients; a little dab of reckless abandonment, style, love, grace and intention. 

Join me as I allow life to give me another chance to reveal its true meaning. STAY IN THE MOMENT, soak it all in and share it with someone you love.
Love you guys, see you next week….

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