This week, I want to continue from last week’s tip. I addressed the men, but now I want to help the women grow in their relationships and marriages too.

Here are (7) Things A Wife Does That Injuries Her Husband And She Doesn’t Know It

1. She puts him down or criticizes him in front of people 

2. She goes behind him when he’s trying to accomplish a task at home. Constantly showing him how she can do it better

3. She badgers him

4. She uses the “you always” phrase excessively

5. She holds him responsible for her emotional well-being

6. She complains about what she doesn’t have and all the things she doesn’t get to do

7. She doesnt appreciate his efforts

So ladies take these identifiers and own them.

Both parties have been equipped to conduct a reality check and see what areas can be improved. The individuals that read this and execute will yield amazing results.

Love you guys, see you next week….

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