Today the images of beauty have gone from the extremely skinny, to average size and now plus-size women. For men, the images are all about the muscular and athletic type. 

These stereotypes from society strongly influence how we view ourselves. If we can be honest, the OUTWARD APPEARANCE is what we make judgement and determination on what is attractive or not. Many times more stock is given to how a person looks on the OUTSIDE rather than the character that he or she exudes.

For some of us the OUTWARD APPEARANCE is a deal breaker, and for others, looks are never added to the equation. I can’t argue with either reasoning. Getting to know and building a relationship with someone that’s easy on the eyes is a lot easier to do, but we must keep it all in perspective and remember that everything that glitters isn’t gold. At the same time, just because someone may not be a “looker” doesn’t mean he or she don’t possess integrity, genuine love and sincere values. 

So along with the OUTWARD APPEARANCE, let’s look deeper into the person and make better choices.

HINT: 1 Samuel 16:7

Love you guys, see you next week….

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