Yes, I took this title from the movie, but this topic is much deeper than machines changing from vehicles to robots.

I’ve heard people say, “If only things could go back to the way they were”. Many times this statement is a death sentence to relationships or marriages.

In the professional sector, it’s often said that change is good–especially when the organization is in need of a shake up or fresh perspective. We have not adopted the same mindset for our personal relationships, and the lack of adjustment or wanting change has caused a lot of complex, unnecessary, emotional baggage. 

I was witness to a couple that experienced a separation, and one of the husband’s biggest complaints was he felt that his wife had changed over time. He wanted her to continue to participate in things that she no longer desired. She changed but the marriage did not mature. She grew out of the superficial thing that brought them together. She was TRANSFORMING right before his eyes and he didn’t know how to handle or embrace her TRANSFORMATION. 

TRANSFORMATION is healthy when it’s nurtured properly. In a relationship or marriage things cannot always go back to the way they were. Make a conscious effort to change and grow. TRANSFORM together. 

HINT: Romans 12:1-2 (NIV)

Love you guys, see you next….

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