Many people strive daily to love outwardly and be loved, but sometimes we come up short in the journey. Searching for love can be a tricky path to either pain or bliss, but we can make better choices by being equipped.

WHY NOT YOU is the billion dollar question. Some people truly believe they have no chance to find true love. They allow depression to creep in and their standards begin to plummet. After many experiences in my life, I have a totally different perspective. We all have a 100% chance to experience love if we choose to renew our minds about ourselves.

Having a healthy, balanced self-esteem is the starting point in the process. You can’t give love, if you don’t have love within. Healthy people are attracted to other healthy people, this is called, The Law of Attraction and it’s true in every arena of life. Recently I attended a wedding and on the program the couple stated that part of their union was having the (capacity to love deeply, enjoy simply and think freely). Wow!! Now that’s a foundation for success. 

So learn to love yourself so you can disburse it and answer the question, WHY NOT YOU!!!!

HINT: 1 Pet 3:4

Love you guys, see you next week….

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