When you think of a team concept, words like trust, one accord, and coming together for one common goal comes to mind and when people buy into it, the results can be phenomenal. Channeling that same principle can yield better results if we practice them in our personal and professional relationships.

No one can achieve extraordinary accomplishments without help from someone or a team. In my own experience and observing family and friends, I understand why we make relating so complicated. Instead of concentrating on the qualities that can bring us together, we focus on the things that separate us. From a personal perspective, imagine two people aligned with purpose, being of ONE mind, and executing the plan, nothing would be able to hold you back from success. If we allow the spirit of “I” in the mix, we will never reach the pinnacle of our destiny and it will continue to destroy relationships.

If we can adopt the team mindset, it can remove selfish desires, attitudes and motives. It will also nurture an atmosphere where everyone wins.

HINT: Phillipians 2:2 (NASB)

Love you guys, see you next week….

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