In a previous post, I mentioned being fulfilled in PURPOSE and now I want to discuss ALIGNING YOUR PURPOSE. Choosing to spend your life with someone can be challenging and we all have certain requirements that we desire of that perfect mate. In the midst of all these decisions,  have you ever thought about each other’s PURPOSE and do they align?

There are many factors you can use to determine a possible mate for example; appearance, intelligence, money, kids or sex, but if your PURPOSE doesn’t go together, you could be wasting your time and energy. PURPOSE can give your relationship/marriage direction and become a stabilizing force during the tough times. When you realize that your PURPOSE is bigger than your emotions or checklist, it will not be as easy to walk away or give up.

PURPOSE should be one of the foundational non-negotiables in all your relationships and you will become more aware of who you allow in your life.

Love you guys, see you next week….

HINT: Ephesians 1:18, Amos 3:3 and Phillipians 2:2(NLT)

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