Oftentimes when we speak about the Core of something, it’s relating to exercising or some type of fruit. I want to talk about the Core of a person. Most people live from the Outside-In but we should live from the Inside-Out. Over the recent years, I’ve really gotten to know who I am at the Core and it’s been life changing. I enjoy reading, historical homes, traveling, eating and discovering new angles in photography and I have a new level of excitement about my future.

In defining Core, it means the tough central parts of various fruits or the central most important part of something. This tells me that what’s on the inside of me should be where I draw my strength, wisdom, creativity, and compassion. Therefore your Core will show us what’s going with you. When you discover who you are at the Core, the Law of Attraction will bring exactly what or who you need in your life:

So take some time and examine your Core and watch as you walk toward your Destiny.

HINT: Romans 8:28

Love you guys and see you next week….

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