Years ago there was a popular movie entitled, MASK and when the character put it on, he transformed into another person. His personality, language and countenance came alive under the MASK. If we all be honest, we have perfected the same behavior within our relationships.

We all have witnessed couples that look great on the outside, but when you hear about their breakup or divorce, you wonder what happened. The MASK is all about lights, camera and action, but at home it’s whole different storyline. 

The MASK becomes a coping mechanism, therefore, we never resolve the root of the problems. Currently I’m dealing with some issues and removing the MASK is a must if I want to experience true joy and victory.

If you desire real authenticity in your relationships, take off the MASK and be free to love without fear.

HINT: 1 John 4:18

Love you guys and see you next week….

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