In relationships we often hear, “You’re not the BOSS of me”, either jokingly or seriously, but who really is the BOSS? Traditionally in a marriage, men are positioned to be the head of the household, but it doesn’t mean he’s the BOSS. During the dating phase, both parties are learning and discovering the likes and dislikes, so each voice should be heard and respected.

In defining the word BOSS, it means a person in charge of a worker or organization. Within the dynamics of a relationship, it’s two individuals trying to figure out if they can combine different backgrounds to hopefully become one as a team. In order to be great, the individuals must submit themselves one to another to see real success and that is a humbling process.

So after agreeing that you want to share your life with someone, do a check on your strengths and weaknesses, submit to the team and remove the BOSS word. Enjoy the process and watch the progression of your relationship.

HINT: Ephesians 5:21

Love you guys and see you next week….

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