Who has your attention the most, that special person, social media or the TV? This is a common challenge for any type of relationship and the more we demand instant gratification, the less we actually communicate with any substance.

Whether it’s a first date, date night, or just enjoying each other’s company, give your full ATTENTION to them and see how they respond. We’ve all been guilty of either texting, checking our phones or watching TV and it divides our ATTENTION to the point of being annoying.

My wife and I have agreed to spend quality time without checking the phones or watching our favorite shows. Nothing is more important than giving the proper Love Language in your daily interactions. So minimize the distractions and maximize your time and ATTENTION to the one that matters the most.

HINT: Galatians 6:7

Love you guys and see you next week….


  1. Marriage is a gift with the potential to be intentionally loaded with benefits. It takes maturity to invest in marriage whether through seminars/workshops, couple retreats, counseling, Tuesday tips etc in order for the system of pay attention to me to not only be treated but uprooted and cured. The question is are we too fearful to invest? Food for thought – Rhonda


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