There are days in every relationship that we all must be INTENTIONAL about remembering. In many cases, women have no problem in remembering the details of their first date, first kiss, that special birthday celebration, the anniversary date…but as men, it is usually a struggle.

We must do a better job of making those days a priority, and initiate more than follow. To be quite honest, I have challenges remembering birthdays of family members, but I don’t forget my wife’s. I’m INTENTIONAL about planning a month or two ahead of time for her special day.

She’s really good about dropping hints throughout the year, so I make mental notes or text myself to remember. I also get ideas from her friends and family. This past year I had friends from across the states surprise her with a shout-out video while dancing to the “Happy” song.

I was INTENTIONAL and took the initiative to make it happen. Be INTENTIONAL and watch as the joy in your home increases.

HINT: Matthew 6:21

PSST ladies (show this to your man)….LOL

Love you guys


  1. You are absolutely right… I don’t remember what was song was playing as I walked or should I say ran down the aisle… But my husband who is a DJ was very happy to plan the music after we looked at the video I realized they were two of my absolute favorite songs… The memory of his intention will last always…. Working on being more intentional in all aspects of my life.


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