Whether you’re dating or married, we bring baggage from past experiences into the new one and it can cause conflict when trying to effectively communicate. Many times we have allowed the negatives to create filters and it overshadows what can truly be a great relationship.

In my previous dating days, I’ve caught a couple of women lying and it caused me to not trust anyone. I try to give a person the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise, but when trust is lost its hard to give my all in a relationship. Now when I would meet someone new, a trust FILTER has been created and whatever they would tell me would be taken without any merit.

Instead of going into a relationship without certain trust borders, I’m analyzing everything through my past experiences. This type of behavior has no peace and it takes longer for me to be myself and open my heart.

My advice would be to release any bad past relationship from your heart and soul so you can remove bad COMMUNICATION FILTERS and establish a foundation on brand new ground.

Love you guys….


  1. Hi there! I love this post for many reasons: the topic, your vulnerability, and its relatable. I totally hear you on this one! I really wish you luck going forward. I’ve had some bad experiences myself but I like to choose to see the good in people. It’s better not to hold onto that negativity.


  2. I love this. I feel like it is not just past relationships we have to move on from. Just the past in general (even if it is with your current significant other) is something that has to stay in the past. I struggle with bringing up old arguments during new argument, which I really need to work on.


  3. This is a great post, simple and to the point. I can agree completely and one of the things I learned throughout my dating life was to communicate effectively..ensure that I was clear in what I wanted to convey to my mate. When I met my husband he took it up a notch and communicating honestly is our family mantra…thank for you post.


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