I want to hit you in the gut with this topic because I truly believe its at the very core of our existence. Thousands of people suffer mentally because they never discover their PURPOSE.

For many years I was in the same boat, until I decided to lower the anchor, look inward and discover what fuels my fire. I started my career in the banking industry, but I was never fulfilled and it affected my professional, personal and spiritual life. My heart was never satisfied and I knew that I was created for more and to be a blessing to others.

I really understand the principle of being prepared for the right opportunity that can lead to success. As I was going along with my business and serving in my local church, I was at the right place, right time and the opportunity presented itself. Now I’m currently in a role where I’m walking in PURPOSE and it just feels so RIGHT!!!!

I urge you to prepare yourself for greatness by following your heart, continuing your education, staying faithful on your assignment and watch how God will lead you to discovering your PURPOSE.

HINT: Ephesians 2:10

Love you guys….

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