Many times after work we all enjoy relaxing and watching our favorite shows. Reality TV have played a huge part in the increase of spending time in front of the tube.

As the shows become more risqué, do we really consider what we are putting into our spirits and souls? We have lost the concept of role models as society continues to influence what’s acceptable. What moral compass are we projecting to the next generation when society celebrates an African-American woman as a mistress to the President, same-sex relationships and hired infidelity.

All of these shows affect how we think and conduct ourselves in our relationships. As believers in Jesus Christ, we must set the example and show society what a Godly, fulfilled, happy relationship looks like. So be mindful of what you consider entertainment because it will influence you and your children.

HINT: Romans 12: 1-2

Love you guys, see you next week….


  1. Hey D,

    Good post! A very long time ago I discovered it was the tantalizing ideas in my 20’s from TV that increased my inexperienced desires to temp or try what appeared to be fulfilling or fun. Needless to say, those tantalizing desires from TV along with many other ungodly options led me on path of Hell. This Hellish path created a desperation in me to reach and tightly grab the “Pure Hand of God. I believe God allowed me to gain experience in the area of my desires so that I may come to know His truth about desires. This truth is desires in anything other Him supplies temporary satisfaction of all our senses in our flesh. But this is all we get because when it is over, it is over, and we are lonely not fulfilled, and out again seeking for more pleasurable/exciting/fulfilling things. It all just chasing the wind as Ecclesiastes said. TV, movies, radio, conversations, relationships, thoughts, feelings, etc do not provide the encouragement and security our inner soul need to make us whole. Only God can always authentically fulfill the void inside of all us! But of course this is 24 years later in hindsight!



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