Some people may think this topic shouldn’t be discussed, but I beg to differ. As we begin to develop relationships and getting to know each other, discussing the similarities and differences in our SPIRITUAL BACKGROUNDS can make or break a potential relationship or marriage.

In my own experience before we got married, my wife and I discussed what we agreed upon and some of our differences. As we are maturing in our relationship with Christ and discovering who we are as individuals, the differences are changing and now we have to discuss and manage them in order to maintain a healthy balance between us.

There will be times in your relationships/marriage where one person seeks God and discovers new revelations and it’s ok to (AGREE TO DISAGREE) as long as JESUS is the foundation. For example, one person may believe in giving a tenth of their income, while the other believes in giving more, so allow peace and harmony instead of strife and tension to settle the differences.

Manage the SPIRITUAL BACKGROUNDS with Love and Grace and witness how God takes over and builds the house upon his word.

HINT: Matthew 18:20

Love you guys, see you next week


  1. Hey D,
    Enjoyed your post! The Lord leads me to Isaiah 2:4, the Lord mediates and settles disputes between nations and peoples. Now, I have learned to research the truth behind disagreements in an effort to keep us together closing the door to the enemy and the flesh. It is more important to the Lord that we stay closely connected in Him and Him closely connected in us when loving one another!

    Your Sis in Christ – Rhonda


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