Many of us believe that we know how to have a healthy, long-term relationship or marriage, but the overwhelming high-rate of break-ups and divorces say otherwise. I’m a believer in having a MEDIATOR to step in and help solve the issues and challenges in my marriage that we can’t solve ourselves.

For some reason men of all ethnic groups tend to shy away from allowing someone to tell them about their relationship or marriage, but it really comes down to us having pride and a big ego. Men are known to fix physical things, but we can be emotionally stubborn.

No one has all the answers and I’d rather release any pride or ego and let someone with another perspective to look into my private thoughts and help my family move to the next level. So don’t allow fear, shame or embarrassment keep you from (establishing and maintaining) a healthy and meaningful relationship or marriage. Let a MEDIATOR help you discover your strengths and weaknesses so you can freely enjoy making memories with that special person.

Love you guys, see you next week.



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