In the past few months, my step-father and grandfather have passed away and it can be hard on a marriage/relationship. Many times these people are the cornerstone of past generations within a family unit.

As a mate or spouse, we have to encourage each other during these times and we must know that natural death of a love one is only moving from DEATH to LIFE. A natural death can challenge a marriage or relationship because our emotions many times take over and if we aren’t mindful, we can ignore the warnings signs of hurt.

If Jesus is Lord in your life and the life of the one that has passed, we can celebrate their lives because they can conquered VICTORY OVER DEATH. So let’s keep the memories of our love ones in a positive light because they are in a much better place.

HINT: 2 Cor 5:8

Love you guys and see you next week….





  1. I sincerely appreciate this blog. The words you speak of are a mirror of my life when my dad past away. I suffered greatly when my dad past away, and my marriage was affected by my tremendous loss. I felt very alone. As if no one could completely understand my pain. About a year after my father’s death, I realized I had fallen into the traps of depression. My dear Uncle ministered to me for several months, and helped me to cope with my loss and pointed me into the direction of the Word of God for my healing. And eventually I did find healing, in the Masters arms… and in His Word.
    The words in this blog, “Victory over Death” reminded me of the Words my Uncle spoke to me. Words of wisdom.

    Thank you!


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