“Don’t Stop the Music” was a popular song back in the day, and it kept everyone on the dance floor. You may be saying, “What does this have to do with dating or marriage?” Well, when you settle down and make that commitment to establish a future with the one you love, you MUST continue to date each other.

So many times, I hear women say that their men don’t date them anymore, and the men say that the women go into (mommy) mode by not presenting themselves like the woman he was attracted to in the beginning.

My advice to everyone: DON’T STOP THE MUSIC!!!!

In my own marriage, I have to remember the small things that make her smile. One great way to keep the flame is to learn each others’ love language and put it into practice.

HINT: Establish a DATE NIGHT, bring on the music and be creative!!!!

Love you guys, and see you next week….

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