For the better part of my life, I’ve always had a giving heart. I truly believed in being gracious; not because I wanted anything back, but just to show love to others. 

For a short period, I became selfish due to the effects of hurting, disappointing and failing relationships. I allowed these circumstances to change my heart and dictate how I treated people. 

After going through other failed relationships, I sat down one evening and took a long look at who I had become. I wanted to change. I looked back over the years and recognized that when I was compassionate and a giver, my life was full of peace and contentment. 

In your relationships or marriage, learn the principle of LIVE TO GIVE. Remove any selfishness and watch your relationships turn around for the better. 

Let me give you a hint: LUKE 6:38

Love you guys and see you next week….Stay tuned for Saturday Singles

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